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Non-Emergency Ambulance Services

Non-Emergency Ambulance

Being the only senior-centric healthcare provider in chennai, HealthAbove60 maintains world-class standards in patient logistics. Avail the ideal transport option for elderly for a safe and convenient journey.

Why Healthabove60 Should Be Your Patient Logistic Support?

The non-emergency ambulance services in Chennai provided by Healthabove60 are appreciated and well acclaimed by the senior generation in Chennai. Being the only senior-centric healthcare provider in chennai, Healthabove60 maintains world-class standards. The responsive support system, convenient vehicle design and experienced paramedical and transportation staff make sure that the transportation is smooth and expedite.

Most of us know the ambulance is used for emergency purposes. However, there is another category of ambulances for non-emergency purposes. These vehicles too will have the same medical features what a regular ambulance has. However, these vehicles are mainly used to transport the patients or to move bed-ridden seniors, from one place to another. The vehicle will be specially designed in a senior friendly manner and it give enough space to get in and get off the vehicle easily.In addition, the non-emergency ambulance consists of a paramedic who will be trained in patient logistics and handling any emergency situation, just in case.

When can you avail Non-Emergency Ambulance Service

To Transport Bedridden Seniors

This transportation will be ideal for the seniors who are not in a position to move and when they need to visit a hospital or need to go out for any other reasons. As the vehicle will be designed in the most senior friendly manner, the transportation will be seamless.

Seniors with limited mobility

Seniors can avail the services of a non-emergency ambulance for personal uses as well. If an elderly with a limited mobility want to travel on the occasion of a family function or for any other personal reasons, non-emergency ambulances will of great help.

For Convenience of the Patient

Patient transportation in a regular vehicle will be difficult especially for seniors considering the limited space in the difficulty in getting in and off the vehicle. However, non-emergency ambulances will be spacious and boarding is very easy, thanks to the user friendly design.

When in Need of a Hospital Visit

Ambulance for general health check-ups or for any critical illness, seniors can use non-emergency ambulance services for a hassle-free transportation. Seniors can schedule the services as per their requirement.

❝ Seamless Transportation for Seniors by Non-Emergency Ambulances ❞

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