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Home Dental Services

Home Dental Care

HealthAbove60 provides comprehensive dental services in Chennai to the elderly by advanced treatment procedures that are developed by the strong experience base in treating the elderly. Book an appointment today for senior dental care at home.

Why Healthabove60 for ‘Dental Care at Home’

Healthabove60 provides comprehensive dental care services at home in Chennai to the elderly by advanced treatment procedures that are developed by the strong experience base in treating the elderly. The experienced dentists of Healthabove60 attend the regular oral issues in seniors at home such as dry mouth, weakened and darkened teeth, gum diseases, tooth loss and the other dental issues in elderly that resulted as a side effect of the medicines used by elderly. Through Healthabove60 dental services for seniors at home, elderly can avail quality dental care at their doorsteps.

Dental care for seniors has vital importance in geriatric care. Oral health shields the whole body from many diseases. Due to recession as a result of aging, the gums and teeth become weak. The functionality of teeth and gums will be reduced and in order to prevent any oral diseases, one should take extra care on their dental health. The wellness of the whole body is related to oral health and it is important to keep it at its high, especially in elderly. If not prevented, elderly tend to face many oral health issues such as dental plaque, tooth decay, dental abscess and a bunch other periodontal issues. This is why the dental care should be a high priority when it comes to senior health. Due to busy schedules and limited access to dental hospital and various other reasons, it will be difficult for seniors to visit the dentist every time they face an issue. Making it easy for them, senior dental care at home addressing all the oral related issues of seniors at their home itself.

The benefits of ‘Dentistry for Seniors’ at Home

Easy Accessibility

Seniors can get treated for their dental issues as and when they want in senior dental care at home service. The experienced and skilled dentists in treating the elderly will be just a call away to address the oral issues in elderly.

Much Needed Oral Care for seniors

Mouth is always referred as the mirror of a person’s health. The symptoms of many systemic diseases and health issues will be found in mouth. Oral health should be maintained well and the homebound dental care takes care of it.

All Dental Assessments by One Call

Home dental care services for seniors will have wider scope as it includes almost all the dental assessments under one roof. It helps the dentists to analyse the appropriate treatment procedure in the real time.

Long-Term Care

The long-term seniors dental care for critical oral issues will be addressed by home based dental care services. The treatment is homebound and the same dentist attends the issue at regular intervals.

Bridges the Gap Between Dentists and Elders

Oral health in elderly is of the 3 unmet health issues world-wide. And, dental care at home reduces the gap between the elders and dentists by providing the much needed care and attention.

Experienced Dentists in Senior Care

The dentists who are experienced in senior dental care will attend the seniors at their homes by the appointment time. This helps the dentists to provide personalized service which is more effective.

❝ Caring the Mirror of the Health, Exclusively for Seniors ❞

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