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Home Blood Collection

Home Blood Collection

At Healthabove60, we believe a better diagnosed disease is half cured! The significance of identifying the illness and its exact condition can deceits the path for better and suitable treatment approach. To get the best evaluated results, please fill the details below.

Why Healthabove60 for Home Blood Collection?

Healthabove60 provides reliable home-blood collection services in Chennai and other medical test sample collection for seniors at home. Our NABL certified laboratories are fully equipped and possess qualified medical lab technicians. Also, as one of the leading senior home healthcare provider, Healthabove60 streamlined system laboratory operations system which does not give any scope for mix-up of the reports that prone to happen in medical laboratories. Also, the clients can track the medical report progress by calling the responsive customer care support in case of any concern. Also, the confidentiality of the reports will be maintained at a high level as we understand the significance of keeping this basic right of the patient.

Any treatment process starts with a diagnostic evaluation. A better diagnosed patient is half-cured! The significance of identifying the illness and its exact condition can deceits the path for better and suitable treatment approach. It reduces the need of commuting to the labs for blood tests, every time they are in need of one as the blood sample collection at home is more convenient.

We are Specialized In

Samples for General Check-up

Samples for General Check-up

Seniors require frequent health check-ups. Medical tests require blood samples for general health check-ups and sample collection at home is ideal for it.

Regular Blood Test

For Regular Blood Test

Diseases that require frequent blood tests such as diabetes and renal diseases could get their tests done at the comfort of their homes

Reduced Immune Patients

Reduced Immune Patients

Patients who have undergone treatment for symptomatic diseases (first stages of cancer), transplants and major operations could avail this service.

Patients with Viral Infections

Patients with Viral Infections

Blood diagnosis is vital to find any viral infectious diseases. Seniors can give their samples for tests at home and get the evaluated test reports delivered at door-step.

The Benefits of ‘Sample Collection at Home’ for Seniors

Accessibility Rround the Clock

Blood sample collection at home for medical tests is affordable and accessible. The appointment will be fixed over a call and a certified paramedic will collect the samples as per the requirement.

Zero Waiting Period

Through home-blood collections, seniors can avail the reports in real time without much waiting. The samples will be collected as per the appointment and the reports will be delivered as per the schedule.


Compared to the price of the regular medical laboratories, blood tests at home is affordable. In addition, the evaluation of the collected test samples will be conducted by the certified and well qualified lab technicians, at the NABL certified laboratories.

Quick and Accurate Reports

Once the test samples are collected, and the evaluation is done, the reports will be either emailed or delivered to the client at their door-step within the afore mentioned turn-around time. This helps the seniors to get their results on-time without any delays.

Wide Range of Blood Tests

The home-based blood sample collection for seniors includes almost all kinds of medical tests including diabetes check-up, etc..

Confidentiality of the Reports

Healthabove60 respects and maintains the confidentiality of every patient. It is the patient’s right to be keep the reports confidential.

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