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Nursing procedures at Home

Nursing Procedures

Short-Procedures at home for seniors, that are ideal for the patients who just got discharged from the hospital but still require the medical support. Book an appointment today for short-procedures by filling in the details.

Why Healthabove60 for Nursing Procedures at home?

Healthabove60 is a known name for basic nursing procedures in Chennai. We provide various nursing procedure services at home for seniors, which including nebulization, bed sore care, catheter care, enema care, bladder wash and colostomy bag change. We have developed trust through our reliable spectrum of services in elderly care with our personalized treatment and care. Our short-procedure services for the elderly, like the other geriatric homecare services we offer, are affordable and accessible whenever you require. The paramedics who attend the patients will conduct an assessment which includes collecting the medical history and physical examination of the patient before starting with the procedure. This in turn, help us to provide the seniors with the best care to heal faster.

The Benefits of Nursing Procedures:

These procedures usually take lesser time and improve the patient’s wellbeing while allowing them to get healed at the home itself. These are ideal for the patients who just discharged from the hospital but still require the medical support. There are various types of short-term procedures such as Blood transfusions, IV Medication Infusion, Phlebotomy and treatment of Dehydration. Usually most of these procedure can be conducted by nurses, at the home itself.

Types of Nursing Procedures at Home:

Vitals Check-Ups for Seniors

Post a surgery or a health complication, it is necessary to monitor the vitals of seniors till they recover completely. Post-operative care, vital check-ups, BP check, blood glucose levels, Corticosteroid-Binding Globulin (CBG) check-up for seniors will be provided for seniors at home.

Injections and Infusions

All types prescribed injections such as intradermal (ID), intra subcutaneous (SC) and Intramuscular (IM) will be injected for seniors with the accurate compositions. Also, IV therapy that includes IV infusions and IV fluids can be inserted by the experienced nurses.

Dressing Care at Home

Complete wound care for seniors at home by nurses. Get healed from all the wounds that are caused by diabetic, operations and other reasons.

Catheterization Incretion and Removal

Seniors can now avail Cardio Catheterization and Urinary Catheterization at home by experienced and well qualified nurses.

Ryles Tube Insertion at Home

For seniors who require gastrointestinal (GI), aspiration and gastric fluid content evaluation, ryles tube will be inserted at home by nurses.

Ostomy Care for Seniors at Home

Various stoma cares such as tracheostomy, Ileostomy, colostomy and gastrostomy will be administered at home for seniors.

Accompanying for Dialysis

For seniors who require frequent dialysis at home, a qualified nurse will accompany throughout the dialysis process.

Morning Care for Seniors

Seniors who are partially or completely bedridden will be assisted by nursing attendants in performing morning and day-to-day activities.

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